Team Plomet - Winner "BEST OVERALL" Middle School Space Trek - Space Day 2004 !!

Welcome to Team Plomet's solution to the Spaceday 2004 Space Trek Challenge. Students (like us) were challenged to choose an object in the solar system - such as an asteroid, planet, or a comet - and go visit. Our team chose to visit Chiron.

We started our challenge by doing research on historical expeditions, the solar system and even how to survive on Earth and in space. Then, we used our imaginations to write 3 stories and create our own journal entries like explorers did in the past. The last part of the project was to build this website to present our stories, facts and sources. We hope you'll enjoy our website. Have a look around!!

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This webste was created by Team Plomet.
This is our solution to the Spaceday 2004 Space Trek Challenge.
The stories and journals are original works.
Don't steal them!